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Bimonthly News 5


Welcome to the 5th Issue of the bimonthly newsletter. This issue is a couple weeks late, keep an eye out as I'll be catching up with more quickly!


CrossFit for Cross Training.


WODs for watts: Can CrossFit make a difference on the bike?


A growing consensus in the cycling world is that incorporating the gym into your training can be beneficial. But with that extra area of work, comes a whole new world of questions with regards to what do you do? One solution is to join with another group and crossfit fits that bill. This article largely addresses the benefits of CrossFit, which to be fair are numerous.


Epic Rides gets more Epic


Epic Rides Series finale will feature Arkansas singletrack


The Epic Rides race series began its life in mostly western mountainous regions, is making the move to grow and expands its offerings to the Ozarks in Arkansas. Some interesting new for those who follow the top level endurance mountain bike scene as it represents a shift in the type of racing that the country as a whole offers. As the Epic series grows, the focus of the top level talent in the nation shifts as well.


The Curse of Fitness


The Many Pitfalls of Cycling Fitness


Eben Weiss always has a fresh look on cycling. He has a way of speaking the truth through perfect exaggeration. In this article from Outside, he talks about the problems with cycling fitness in a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” style cautionary tale.


Breaking it Down, Getting Fast on a Mountain Bike


10 Secrets to Going Fast on a Mountain Bike


If you’re new to the sport of mountain biking, this is a great list of what to focus on when trying to get faster. If you’re an old hand, this list might help you remember the basics and fine tune your speed. How well are you executing these skills?

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Updated: June 20, 2018