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Welcome to Issue 4 of the JM Coaching Bimonthly News! Thank you for reading.


Weighing In: Kate Courtney and navigating the complex relationship between female athletes and food.

In a world where food is abundant, having a healthy balanced diet is important but at the same time it can be very easy to obsess about it. This problem is even more difficult for women, body image and expectations are more prevalent. In this article, Katy Courtney, pro mountain biker breaks it down and talks about her struggle, and how she deals with it.



Behind the lens with Graham Watson: 40 years of cycling photography in 15 images

For many who follow cycling one of the big draws is the sheer beauty in the sport. From the views to the human emotions, cycling makes us feel connected to our own humanity and to the planet and nothing else can invoke that quite like the photos from Graham Watson one of the all time great photographers in cycling. This photo essay is a great example of his best work as well as a little bit of his perspective.



Rumblings from around the Cyclocross Scene

It’s spring, but as it’s ever true, cross is coming. Catch up with what the national cyclocross stars are doing in the off season from this great recap from cyclocross magazine writer Zach “the Shoe Star” Schuster.



Don’t shoot the Messenger: Taking the cycling industry seriously.

The versatility of the bike is something often forgotten to those who race. But as Eben Weiss explains in another great article for Outside Magazine, a huge percentage of people in cities depend on the bike for their livelihood. But for many, it’s just a toy and that hold the industry back. I love this piece for the way it gets to a deeply rooted problem with the industry as a whole, and how we’re viewed by those on the outside. For those who don’t know, Eben also writes as BikeSnobNYC on this personal blog. Another great read.



Training for Movement: Functional Strength Training

Strength training has been a buzz word for a while in the cycling world but at this point it’s pretty well accepted that it helps. But Strength training, going to the gym is a huge world! What type of training should you be doing? The answer to that question is so personal, but a good place to start it with training for movement patterns. Strength training should accomplish 2 goals: Improve your muscluar strength and range of motion for the sport specific movements, and improve supporting muscles for that same movement patterns to help prevent injury. In a lot of way functional training does that.



Real Talent with Phil Gaimon - Chad Hartley

I don’t know chad all that well, but he’s kind of a big deal and he’s from my neck of the woods. But more importantly he’s one of the most experienced bike racers out there and has a way of expressing and teaching what he’s learned that has certainly helped me. This great interview from Phil Gaimon’s podcast is a good example of that


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Updated: May 16, 2018