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JM Coaching Bimonthly 3


Welcome to issue #3 of the JM Coaching Bimonthly Newsletter.

This newsletter aims to be a collection of interesting, informative, and useful content that has been gathered over time to help you become a better cyclist in a variety of ways. It hopes to draw from inside and outside the cycling world, with the unified theme of profound and actionable advice. Hope you enjoy!

Making the Sport a Better Place

Joe Lindsey highlights the Cyclists’ Alliance, an advocacy group for Women’s professional cycling and a recent report that outlines some simple steps the UCI can take to improve equity in the sport as well as address some common complaints among riders. The article shows 2 things, Women’s cycling still has a long way to go despite recent changes, and as has been the case recently women’s cycling continues to lead the way on treatment of riders.

Cyclists' Alliance for Women


Trickle Down Technology

A few years ago Sram changed mountain biking with their 1x11 drivetrain systems, and then a few years later did it all over again with their 1x12 Eagle system. Now that technology is available at an entry level price point. But is it worth it? Check out this review on Eagle GX.

Sram Eagle GX Review


What is Ruining Cycling Now?

What is ruining cycling? For many it’s the Strava culture that has made people needlessly competitive in a virtual community. It's the constantly going for KOMs against the world instead of against your friends on the ride with you. But what if the real demon is the screen you’re staring at while hunting those KOMs? This article argues that point. What do you think?

Is Strava or Garmin the Enemy?


Overlooked No More - Women's Cycling Innovators

Overlooked No More: Lillias Campbell Davidson, Who Founded the First Women’s Cycling Organization. The rider, who died in 1934, encouraged women to bicycle at a time when they were told they were “by nature physically unfit.”

Lillias Campbell Davidson - Overlooked No More

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Updated: April 30, 2018