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JM Coaching Bimonthly 1

Welcome to issue #1 of the JM Coaching Bimonthly Newsletter.

This newsletter aims to be a collection of interesting, informative, and useful content that has been gathered over time to help you become a better cyclist in a variety of ways. It hopes to draw from inside and outside the cycling world, with the unified theme of profound and actionable advice. Hope you enjoy!

Real Talent with Phil Gaimon - The Peloton Brief

Phil Gaimon was a late bloomer to the cycling world, but his talent and personality have allowed him to rise to the top and stay in the public eye even after retirement. He hosts a podcast that covers everything from fun stories to difficult subject, all while focusing around the concept of talent. What is talent, what does it mean and do for us?

This link is to the Adam Myerson Episode from a while back. As of late, I’ve been relistening to the podcast and came across this episode. Adam has experienced the cycling world from bottom to top and has a great voice for describing it and pulling lessons out that can help any riders put their physical and mental approach to riding in powerful context.

Real Talent with Phil Gaimon - Adam Meyerson

GCN - 7 Types of Cyclist Personalities

If you’ve been in the cycling trenches you know that people’s personalities come out when they ride a bike. This fun video from Global Cycling Network breaks down their list of 7 different personalities you’ll find when riding or training. It’s a fun way to hold up the mirror. What kind of cyclist are you? What can you do to be better? How can you help your friends? Whether you find a deeper meaning or not, it’s great to poke fun at the ways we ride.

GCN - 7 Types Of Road Cyclists We All Know

How are tires designed?

In the off road world it’s all about tires, but to many they are a mystery. Everything from pressure to widths are common for people to understand but how much might you know about how the tire itself is designed, how much do you know about what the knobs on the tire actually do and how they keep you on the trail?

BikeRumor - How are Tires Designed

BikeRumor - A chat with Bontrager Tires

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Updated: April 06, 2018