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Bimonthly News 8

In this edition, learn about how to loosen tight hips, a deep dive into tech with theoretical drive trains,the science of lighting and undamped suspension. And to keep it light, a story about Rigoburto Uran, a favorite in the Pro Peloton.


Tips to Loosen Those Tight Hips

With hard training comes tight muscles and we all know we need to put the work in to keep from getting injured. But what to do? If you have tight hips, here's 5 moves to incorporate.



PHD Student is making cycling safer with Trek/Bontrager

Peloton Magazine sits down with the psychology engineer with on making cycling safer through more advanced and smarter lighting technology. How can you make your ride safer?



How many gears can you have?

The technological march forward is not often so obvious as it is with cycling transmission and the number of gears. Sram's Eagle 12 speed is only the beginning. Talks of a 13 speed gear system are starting in this article, Shimano has an old patent on what was then the most gears they figured they could fit on a bike.



Undamped: The History and Mechanics of Undamped Suspension

The typical bike suspension system has a spring and a damper to control the motion of the bike. But cycling being the industry it is, manufacturers are always experimenting with something new, such as undamped suspension.



Rigoberto Uran: No Stresssss

For years Rigoburto Uran has been a player at the top or the road cycling world as well as a personality. Cycling tips sat down and got to know the person as well as the athlete.



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Updated: July 17, 2018