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Bimonthly News 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of the bimonthly newsletter!


Leaps and Bounds for Gender Equality in Cycling. 

UCI World Cups to Offer Equal Payouts to Women, Women’s 17-18 Category by 2021/2022 Season

This past week the UCI announced and approved their “Agenda 2022” plan. This included massive progress for gender equality in cycling, the creation of a summer olympic style festival of combined world championships, new approved equipment in BMX, and possible snow enduro!

2018 Pro TT Titles Awarded. 

Gallery: Rosskopf and Neben defend U.S. national TT titles

New 2018 Pro TT national championships crowned in Knoxville. Check out this photo gallery for some insight on the fastest and more aero cyclists in the U.S.

How to Warm Up, What Really Works?

Training Center: New science on how to warm up

Everyone has their own pre-race rituals and warm ups. Some people sit in their lawn chair as long as possible before rolling to their start, other people grind on their trainer for an hour. Warm ups can be very individualized and many people know what works best for them, but is there one type of warm up that really works best? What do you do to warm up?

US Cross Legend Heads USAC Foundation Development.

Tim Johnson Joins USA Cycling Foundation as Development Director 

Long time cyclocross pro Tim Johnson will be the new director of the USA Cycling Foundation director, in charge of fundraising and rider development. For all of you cyclocross fans reading, this could mean lots of new funding for cross development and improved programs!

Yoga for Cyclists.

6 Essential Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Countless pros and amateurs incorporate stretching and yoga into their self care and recovery regiment along with foam rolling, massage and more. These simple stretches and poses will help give you a better ride and help prevent injury. What are you doing to prevent injury? Can you do more?

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Updated: June 26, 2018