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Welcome to the JM Coaching Blog


Hello World!

Welcome to the JM Coaching Services Blog. I’ve spent the past handful of months learning how to build my own website from the ground up and this blog is the first products truly dynamic aspect of that. It’s exciting to see it in action!

But this blog isn’t just a fun project, it will become a place for you to learn as well. One of the resources I’ve used when learning about everything from coaching to web design have been blogs. Specifically blogs that really help you learn, with rich details and step by step instructions. I want this blog to become a place where people can learn about how to become a better cyclist, and have fun while doing so. This blog will have a wide variety of things to help you towards your goal, whatever it might be. Everything from new workouts, planning techniques, to fun drills and athlete perspectives. The information will be from sources within and outside the cycling world, in the hopes of providing you with a diverse and fresh variety or perspectives. There is no doubt, if you want to learn about cycling, listen to the cycling experts. But there is so much you can learn and apply to cycling from other areas. It happens all the time when I’m coaching. Some problems require you to look at how others have solved similar problems in other industries. It’s a powerful tool!

New features will be forthcoming all the time, keep up with the content and the development of the blog via my social channels!






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Updated: April 05, 2018